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About Me

I’m a software developer, writing / supporting / digging into code for more than 20 years.

Plan for the next 20 years and beyond: never stop doing the same.
Till some AI takes the job from me. Or I’ll kill it in a fair fight and take my job back.
Or could we even be friends? The future is fun, yet scary.

Ruby / Rails is my Rocinante now, but there are other beasties in my stables.

PHP was a long love / hate story, burdened with the sin of writing an own framework (then coming to Symfony anyway). We parted ways with mixed feelings.

Ruby stole my heart with its beautiful / monstrous Rails thing. It’s still Rails for now.
Sinatra / Padrino, Roda, Hanami etc. Learn new things, fight dementia they say.

JavaScript with all its weirdness. Short but bright love story with Vue.js (forget me not, I might come back some day).

When coding duties / addiction release me for a while, I grab my camera and head out.

Funny, but the most important thing is not which camera you have, but how good your shoes are. And trousers. You want good trekking trousers even for city walks. You know, for cases when you stand on your knees to get a good view angle of this damn cute small green thing breaking through the asphalt.

And a hat. With a brim wide enough to cover your eyes because you want to see everything as it is, not through sunglasses even the sun tries to blind you. A hat which makes you look like a tourist, so they leave you in peace because you’re just yet another tourist shooting yet another nonsense.

And a spouse who loves you, damn photo maniac, more that you might deserve. Who accompanies you on your expeditions, doesn’t complain when you stop every 5 minutes to take a shot, who carries your tripod and who always remembers where you two are so you can find your way back home.

And a camera, yep.