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Autumn sky above Sofia

From bike and foot travels around Sofia. Autumn sky may lack colors, but still be pretty expressive.

Storm clouds gathering above a cityscape with a pedestrian crossing signal and an elevated metro line The photo shows a dramatic sky with dark, ominous clouds overhead. A large, unique cloud formation, resembling an anvil, dominates the scene above a pedestrian crossing signal and the curved, translucent roof of an elevated metro line. The metro line leads towards a cluster of modern buildings visible in far background. High-rise apartment buildings under a dark, stormy sky The photo shows a brooding sky filled with layers of grey clouds, suggesting an imminent storm. Below the heavy sky, a series of high-rise apartment buildings stand in varying shades of grey, their facades showing the wear of time. The buildings, stark against the turbulent sky, overlook a dense copse of trees, adding a touch of life to the urban landscape. Birds flying above an apartment building under a cloudy sky The photo presents a dramatic sky, with dark clouds that appear almost fluid, swirling above an apartment building's rooftop. A flock of birds is captured in mid-flight, silhouetted against the stormy backdrop, adding a dynamic contrast to the stillness of the building. The building itself seems to anchor the scene, its straight lines and solid form juxtaposed with the organic, roiling shapes of the clouds above. Overcast sky with scattered clouds above urban apartment buildings The photo depicts a layered sky, where a massive, dark cloud hovers over a mix of residential buildings. The tallest building, a multi-storied apartment complex, stands prominently in the foreground, flanked by shorter, colorful structures. The clouds, ranging from wispy to dense, create a textured tapestry above the urban skyline, hinting at the changing weather. An elevated metro line and a street lamp under swirling cloudy sky A vast expanse of undulating grey clouds stretches across the sky, heralding the approach of dusk. Below, an elevated metro line with a teal, arched roof, snakes its way through the lower part of the frame. Street lamps stand sentinel along the pathway, their unlit forms waiting for nightfall to fulfill their purpose. Construction crane rising against a backdrop of gray clouds A gray sky, subtly textured with cloud formations that resemble smooth brush strokes, is dominated by a large, dark, stormy cloud covering the entire right side of the frame. A towering crane stands in the middle, a solitary sentry against the expanse of the sky. The colored rooftops of residential buildings peek out from the bottom edge of the scene. Construction crane and apartment buildings under a cloudy sky The image is dominated by a tumultuous grey sky, with swirling clouds that convey a sense of impending gloom. Below the tempestuous heavens, the skyline is punctuated by the angular silhouettes of residential buildings and the linear geometry of a construction crane. The overcast light casts the urban scene below in mutedtones, creating a tableau that is both ordinary and ominously beautiful. Evening sky with industrial buildings silhouetted against a gradient of sunset colors A large, scattered formation of gray clouds tears across the sky to the left, revealing a tranquil expanse of blue above. Serene, white clouds, smooth as brushed strokes, flow across this peaceful backdrop. Below, two sizable segments of industrial structures, with their stark right angles, juxtapose the natural fluidity of the sky. Autumn sky above Sofia Autumn sky above Sofia