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Manage Monitor Brightness in Linux With a Shell Script

Managing brightness with monitor controls is a pain. You’re lucky if you have a dedicated button or wheel right on the monitor to do that. Otherwise you have to find that tiny button somewhere under the thing and, well, do with it what you have to do. Repeat for the second monitor if you have any.

Giving that, the idea of using Meta + sound level wheel to regulate the brightness right from the keyboard was unevitable. Yep, you can do that in Linux, but of course in a Linux way, scrathing your head till a suitable bash script is born.

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Switch KDE Activities With a Bash Script

Yes, there’s this Activity Manager panel on the left, but I hate it there. On my 32:9 it is too far to reach. One may say that a true Linux person shouldn’t move hands away from keyboard at all 😄 but well, we all have our ways. I, for one, prefer a nice set of icons right on my autohiding panel in the middle of the screen. That’d be possible with a bunch of application links in ~/.local/share/applications/, making them refer to some script which would switch activity by name.

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